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Witch of Portobello shoot

Took the sound and lighting gear over to Mui Wo this morning from Tong Fuk. Beautiful rose pink cloud stacks over the islands in the early dawn light around 6.30 am – the strong sunlight throws sharp dark shadows in the dips and clefts of the mountainsides, more like the hills around Rome than ever. The sea is a slightly crazed mirror reflecting it all. Standing with Emil and Sam out on the balcony drinking juice and admiring the frail triangular web this little spider has spun from the railing to the eaves. Lilla cooking toasted baguette slices, goat’s cheese, ham and crudites for everyone: so motherly even before her first shoot in years.

Later, ridiculous in a dark suit and blue striped shirt, lugging sound year boxes down to the taxi rank. Struggling with the phone reception blinking in and out along the coast road, to call a cab for Lilla, Emil and Sam. 

I feel so happy. Also feel ridiculously like Truffaut in Day for Night.  I have a Life, and a Wife, Less Ordinary