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Got interviewed on Xpatloop:

*On* the tracks

Don’t try this *too* often …


Even more snow!

Yes at last, the real thing! Drifts of it! Here it is:


The last of 2011

There it goes …


… and more snow

Yes, now the real stuff came. Here it is:



The first snow I’ve been in in over 2 decades! It’s beautiful! Only a light dusting, but even so …


Autumn colours

Since I only have a shit camera right now, I thought I’d post this instead. There’s these amazing trees across the valley. Their leaves are falling fast. The ground around is carpeted with them. The outer leaves at the branch ends are orange and pink, and nearer the trunk the leaves are a paler brighter yellow, and you get exactly the same pattern carried over onto the ground beneath. It looks just like the inside of a cut peach.


On top of the Pilis Hills

Late afternoon, looking towards Esztergom


An eccentric erection in Pilisszentlelek

And I’m all for eccentric erections. But I have no idea what this one was for.

There it was, just standing in the forest on the hillside.


Autumn colours in Pilisszentlelek

Autumn comes earlier here in the hills. And unfortunately, my crap camera can’t do justice to the amazingly vivid saturated colours in the clear sunshine.