Paul StJohn Mackintosh

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New poem

Bird Garden

Under the net that is their sky,
bridges across the canopy
give bird’s-eye views of hosts of air:
imperial pigeons’ dove-grey necks,
purple tails, viridescent wings;
white Bali mynahs winking blue
above acidic mats of weed;
superb and beautiful fruit doves.
Red lories burn against dark leaves,
preen powder down out of their plumes;
loud Argus pheasants, watchful, creep
past stilt roots walking trunks across
the forest floor; cauliflory
burgeons above plank buttress roots,
ridged palm logs moulder beside paths;
male fairy bluebirds splash in pools,
Dyck texture weaves of bold cobalt
and turquoise modulate the light
in iridescence: rainbow hues
of Iris winging gifts to men,
the real birds of Paradise.